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Baby-boomers, a generation that started and grew hundreds of thousands of successful privately held businesses, are estimated to represent 75 million. The youngest boomers are 42 and the oldest are now over 60. Just as the boomers made major changes in the 1960s and beyond, they are now changing retirement, stepping back, and re-evaluating their lifestyles. It is not uncommon for sellers today to be in their 40s or 50s, rather than their 60s or 70s as was the case 10 to 15 years ago.

For those owners whose businesses have operating profits of over $700,000, private equity and small investment groups are ready and waiting in the wings. These groups are well-funded, prepared to pay cash, and, in many cases, looking for the seller to help with transition. That provides additional income and more leisure time for the seller without more responsibility. Many of these groups are looking for strategic purchases to complement their existing portfolios. What this means to sellers is that their businesses often have higher value than with single-owner purchasers.

To take advantage of this opportunity, it is important to have an intermediary that is plugged in and connected to a variety of these groups through established relationships. Dolan Sales provides that connection, and is experienced in what these sophisticated buyers want to see and how they like it packaged.

If you would like a confidential, no-obligation analysis and discussion of what you can be doing now to prepare for when you are ready to put your business on the market, please call (888-893-6661) or e-mail ( I serve customers nationwide. To learn more about my background and see customer recommendations, visit my LinkedIn profile at

I look forward to helping you prepare to sell your business at a price that works for you and a qualified buyer.