Being around entrepreneurs on both side of the family has brought my granddaughter to ask questions over the years about starting and running a business. I thought there was no place for her to learn about entrepreneurship at her age, so my best advice as to where to start was to read Think and Grow Rich and to find a mentor.


By chance we as a family were exposed to Colossal Academy, which has a unique approach to education that has brought about an amazing growth and change in my granddaughter. From creating an individual curriculum based on each child’s learning level, to finding electives that suit each child’s interest, as well as, reinforcing some basic life skills like cooking, money management, and the environment around them and how they fit into it. These and many more are some of the skills that the students can use to form the entrepreneurship of their dreams. In these lessons the students are guided through aspects of entrepreneurship from creating a business plan, writing by-laws, setting goals, marketing, setting up a website, interviewing (being the interviewee and the interviewer), communication, positive thinking, etc. All this is accomplished with a small enough group that each student is able to get one on one time with their teacher. But they don’t stop there they even take this process a step further and expose the students through field trips so they can see what they are learning in action in real life.

The result of this type of progressive learning is written in the evolution I have seen in not only my granddaughter’s desire to learn but her interest in putting what she as learned into practice. She is a highly motivated eleven year old who has started her own bath bomb business, and believes that she can accomplish any of her goals no matter her age.  I endorse few things, BUT I highly recommend this school and owner.

I read about super successful people, they all say they never got this type of training as a kid.