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Financing Your South Florida Business

We can help you with the many different aspects of financing. We offer an array of services from a team of professionals who can offer advice on how to structure financing transactions, including needed sourcing to complete the closing of the transaction. We advise on alternate financing sources, and how to achieve an advantageous balance of debt and equity.

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How to Value a Business: A Complete Guide

How to Value a Business: A Complete Guide

After years of hard work, struggles, tears and joys, you have reached that point. You knew this day would come. All those years of thinking that someday you would exit, someday you would retire or move on. You are ready to sell your business. Or, perhaps, maybe you...

$30 Million in Business Sales Under Contract

South Florida’s leading Business Broker and Mergers & Acquisitions guy, Robert “Bob” Dolan, of Dolan Sales, Inc. announces $30 million in business sales now under contract, with an expectation to double that by year's end.  Bob has been selling businesses and...

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