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We can help you with the many different aspects of financing. We offer an array of services from a team of professionals who can offer advice on how to structure financing transactions, including needed sourcing to complete the closing of the transaction. We advise on alternate financing sources, and how to achieve an advantageous balance of debt and equity.

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How to Sell a Business in Florida

How to Sell a Business in Florida

The average Florida business owner has a lot on their mind. When most people think about owning a business, they're focused on the present and immediate future. Everything is about making sure the day to day runs smoothly and that they're on track to meet their...


Just closed a $2,500,000 transaction, Niche Glass Processing business in Fort Lauderdale. Happy New Year.

Avoid Sticker Shock When You Sell Your Business

Avoid Sticker Shock When You Sell Your Business

I find that most often, business owners have no idea what the value of their business is, when they get around to selling.  Friends, relatives all have an option, most of their options have nothing to do with reality of the market. When sellers like this find out what...

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