Divestiture Strategy

Selling Your South Florida Business

Our Effective Divestiture/Exit Program Includes:

Working Closely with Your Business Broker- Beyond the Numbers
Every buyer puts a great deal of emphasis on the strategic factors. We work closely with you to present a clear understanding of the market, competition, the focus of the business, and proprietary advantages including technology, customer relationships, intellectual property, as well as human and physical resources.

Also Included:

  • We prepare a Confidential Information Memorandum for prospective purchasers, including:
  • Business overview and background
  • Sales history
  • Current market position
  • Prior three years Financial Statements and Federal Tax Returns
  • Recast financial statement to show EBITDA cash flow and owner related expenses that will further increase adjusted cash-flow
  • Non-specific snapshot to top customers and/or customer segments
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Staff

We then prepare a complete and compelling confidential profile. These documents will be provided in phases, beginning with basic, non-identifying information that we can use to attract general interest through mass marketing. We then progress to more detailed information to send to prospective purchasers, carefully screened to make sure that they are capable of purchasing. (In all cases, prospects have signed a Confidentiality Agreement for your protection.) By creating this package results in a smoother sales process.

Working closely with our customer, we answer questions from the potential buyers. Information of proprietary or highly competitive nature may be withheld, but to the degree possible, we provide what each buyer requires to facilitate their evaluation.

Everything we do to market your business will be handled with confidentiality. The prospects you will see will be those who we have qualified, and who we are confident are financially and motivationally capable of buying your business. No information will be disclosed without a signed Confidentiality Agreement, a bio & personal balance sheet being provided.

Once an Offer, Term Sheet or Letter of Intent has been signed and agreed to, we will facilitate:

  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Environmental studies if required, if real property is involved
  • Purchase agreement negotiations
  • Manage the closing process
  • Post-close planning
  • Hepling you pay as little in taxes as possible*

*Although Dolan Sales, Inc. is not qualified to give tax advice, our team will work with your professional advisors to suggest, and to structure the transaction, to minimize your exposure to Federal Taxes.

Closing Your Business Sale Transaction

Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) always visits a number of times during a transaction, but seems particularly close at hand when Closing approaches. We work with the buyer to develop a Term Sheet outlining the business agreement which is signed-off by both seller and buyer, and can be provided to legal counsel. We co-ordinate internal and external professional resources such as financing, legal, accounting, environmental and tax advice, if and as required. We have proven administrative systems to make sure things stay on track, and to the extent possible, pre-empt Murphy.

Dolan Sales stands apart in divestiture/exit strategy support.

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