Sell Your Business

South Florida Business Divestiture

What’s special about Dolan Sales, Inc. divestiture/exit strategy support?

  • We listen very carefully, we are patient, and ask questions to make sure we understand the big picture.
  • We have the business experience to ensure the divestiture/exit plan is realistic including realizing our customer’s value and non-financial goals; or we recommend against proceeding.
  • As external advisors, we are able to preserve confidentiality better than if the process were to be managed “in-house”.
  • We don’t get sidetracked by “the daily operating crises.”  Management is thus able to focus on the continued success of their business at this most critical time.
  • We are relationship driven. Our commitment is to do what’s right for our customer, representing them as a transactional broker and intermediary.

Dolan Sales, Inc. is a company that assists business owners of lower mid-market companies.  We provide both business brokerage services for small business owners and M&A advisory services to middle-market & lower-middle market companies.  If you are ready to sell your business it makes sense to use a professional advisor to prepare the confidential business profile, find qualified buyers, and negotiate the sale.  Trying to sell your business on your own is not only a lot harder than it looks; it also takes time away from running the business.

Our relationship with you as a seller begins with our education. We spend time with you to understand your business, your markets, your challenges, your financial history, and your business model.  Once we have performed this analysis and a range for an asking price has been agreed on, you will execute an Engagement Agreement, allowing us to represent you in the sale of your business.