Why a Broker?

The Value of a Business Broker

  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Knows and gathers pertinent information
  • Recasts Financials
  • Has valuation knowledge
  • Understands goodwill value
  • Maximizes the value of the company
  • Provides an overview of tax consequences to the parties
  • Has relationships with professional experts
  • Clarifies what is being sold
  • Has market knowledge and understanding
  • Uses multi-pronged marketing strategies
  • Has prospect database
  • Has understanding of various financing options, contacts with appropriate specialists
  • Is affiliated with other competent professionals in the Business Brokerage community
  • Possesses negotiating skills and understands the emotional issues of the parties
  • Acts as the buffer between parties, which gives seller time to make reasonable decisions
  • Can better control the issues
  • Lets seller continue focusing on running their business
  • Is not emotionally tied to the business-maintains objectivity in process and transaction
  • Coordinates and facilitates sell-side and buy-side activities and associated specialists, advisors:
    • Transaction attorney(s)
    • Insurance carriers, agents
    • SBA Loan Packager/Lenders
    • Landlord
    • CPAs, accountants
    • Tax attorney(s)

Considering Selling Your Business?

Dolan Sales Can Help

If you are exploring the option of selling your business, you may not be sure that you necessarily need a business broker. We are happy to meet with you and evaluate your needs at no cost, and help you assess the situation. The process can be confusing, and it’s a good idea to have wise counsel to help you through the decisions which could have an impact on your future financial landscape.

Common Questions Clients Ask

The following questions are the ones which we get asked most frequently. The goal of utilizing a business broker is to help you feel confident in your decisions, fully understand the process, and ultimately find you a buyer who grasps the full value of your business. We will help you answer these questions confidently.

How Do I Find a Buyer?
  • How do I reach qualified buyers, including possible competitors, without disclosing your intentions to sell?
  • How do I market your business in all the appropriate markets, databases, and media efficiently, effectively, and confidentially?
  • How do I screen and pre-qualify buyers, determine their motivations, managerial capabilities, and financial strength?
How Do I Evaluate & Price My Business?
  • How do I evaluate your business objectively to ensure you receive top dollar for my investment, and avoid costly negotiating tactics?
  • How do I prepare and provide the information a prospective buyer will require to interest the buyer in pursuing my business in favor of other options?
  • How do I arrive a the best price, and terms; including the intangible, and goodwill values of my business?
How Do I Handle the Attention?
  • How do I maximize my favorable exposure to potential offers while minimizing my potentially damaging public exposure to customers, competitors, employees, and suppliers?
How Do I Get the Job Done Efficiently?
  • How do I effectively sell my business, diverting significant time, effort and resources to that process; while continuing to manage my ongoing business productively?

Business owners like you have focused their entire lives on growing their business, and seldom know how to answer all of the questions above. This is where the professionals at Dolan Sales, Inc. can be of assistance.

Small Business Merger and Acquisition Experts

The sale of your business demands a professional, just as running your business has demanded your professional attention. Dolan Sales, Inc. has the expertise, tools, and professional team to market and sell your business successfully on a national basis. The objective is to protect your business investment, and maximize your net after tax profit on the sale. Dolan Sales, Inc. strives to maintain high ethical standards and communicate in an open straight forward, and honest manner with all business relationships.

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