Thinking about buying a business? Now is the time.

With all the new programs the government has passed, now is the time. While much of the focus of the CARES Act has been on the Paycheck Protection Program, which allocates $349 billion for new SBA loans to cover qualified expenses, the Act contained a key provision...

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The 4 Phases of My Personal Valuation Process

Frequently, when I am working with a new business owner, they will ask me to help them come up with a valuation for their company as a starting point for negotiations.  This is a loaded question considering there are many ways to measure the worth of a company....

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FAQs for Exit Strategies

Business owners choose to sell for a variety of reasons. Some wait until old age to retire and pass the business down to their children. Others make quick sales at the height of their success to move onto new opportunities. While another group may choose to sell after...

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Business Valuation FAQs

Coming up with an accurate valuation for your business is the first step towards a profitable sale. Even if you aren’t putting your company on the market for a few years, knowing with your company is worth can help you shape your strategies to ensure a higher value...

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5 Options for Selling Real Estate Heavy Businesses

Owning the facilities that your company operates out of can be a great way to build value into your company. Real estate is a solid long term investment.  But, just because you have a successful business running out of your property, doesn’t mean that you have to...

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