Business Valuation FAQs

Coming up with an accurate valuation for your business is the first step towards a profitable sale. Even if you aren’t putting your company on the market for a few years, knowing with your company is worth can help you shape your strategies to ensure a higher value...

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5 Options for Selling Real Estate Heavy Businesses

Owning the facilities that your company operates out of can be a great way to build value into your company. Real estate is a solid long term investment.  But, just because you have a successful business running out of your property, doesn’t mean that you have to...

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How to Create and Make the Most of Your Bidding War

It’s every business owner’s dream - multiple bids on the table and the value of your business keeps flying higher and higher.  Unfortunately, bidding wars aren’t all that common when selling a business. Many owners will only come across two or three interested...

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When Excess Inventory Becomes a Deal Killer

Selling a business with a lot of inventory can be a real deal killer. After all, if you don’t move the products you have already, how is a buyer supposed to view your business as a profitable enterprise? But, sometimes excess inventory happens. Maybe you got a great...

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How Delegation is Key to Your Business Valuation

It’s easy for small business owners to get caught in the trap of ‘the buck stops here’. As the end all, be all of your company, you’ve grown to be a successful team.  But, if you plan to sell your company, the profitability and success of your business long term...

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