Selling Your Business with $1 Million-plus EBITDA

Most times, the owner of a business is concerned about what will happen to the company’s employees and customers after the sale. When you are dealing with a private equity group or another entrepreneur as the new owner, the question is whether they will keep what you...

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Get Mentally Prepared for Due Diligence

Depending on the size of the transaction, due diligence can take the most energy and patience of any step in the sales process. Prepare yourself mentally for a slog. There is no shortcut and it is required to provide almost any requested information to validate your...

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The Main Drivers of a Higher Business Valuation

As with real estate, the value of a business is primarily based on what comparable businesses have sold for, in same business category, in the recent past, with a similar owner benefit range — also known as seller discretionary income — and geography. From the...

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The selling process is fairly straight forward but can be more complex and take more time depending on the size of the business. In general, most sales will be structured like this: Get A Valuation Prepare Your Financials Develop Your Prospectus Market Your Business...

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