10 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Business

1. Have a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement ready for potential buyers to complete and sign, with a statement as to the amount of capital the buyer is prepared to invest. 2. Clean up their financial statements to minimize non-business expenses. 3. Gather...

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My Business Won’t Sell – Why?

So your business is for sale, and nothing has happened. Why? Price!!! Every business will sell – if priced correctly. Usually, the price is based on a multiple of seller discretionary cash flow (SDCF) and there are various factors you can use to establish the...

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Sell Your Business Now – Buyers Not an Issue

Many businesses had dramatic drops in sales during the meltdown, but have since recovered. Some may need another year to better position themselves for being sold. Either way, there is pent-up buyer demand waiting for these businesses to come on the market, because...

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