3 Profitable Business Concepts You Have to See to Believe

Image by Gerd Altmann

Still not sure your vision can be a reality? Let’s take a look at some of the wackiest business concepts out there and get inspired!

Many people believe that in order to create a successful business, you have to have an iron-clad, time-proven concept. But in today’s global market, the reality is that you can be profitable doing just about anything. All it takes is dedication and innovative imagination.

1. Wattana Panich – The Bangkok Restaurant Selling 45-Year-Old Beef Stew

Wattana Panich is a family-run restaurant in Bangkok that has been using the same broth for its soup for 45 years. The beef noodle soup is called neua tune and simmers in an oversized pot ringed by a four-inch wall made of spillage from over the years.

The popular soup has a unique flavor and aroma. The family that owns the restaurant keeps the broth overnight and works in three shifts to ensure it never stops cooking.

The restaurant owners are currently the third generation and hoping their children will continue on the tradition. In a world where 15-20% of businesses in major industries close in the first year, this kind of perseverance is remarkably impressive.

2. Eternal Reefs – A Charitable Use for Your Loved One’s Remains

Eternal Reefs is a Sarasota-based company that will intern your loved one in a reef ball made of concrete and cremated remains. The reefs are then placed in the ocean to become living memorials for those who passed and had a passion for the sea.

You can personalize the reefs by putting your handprints in the concrete, etching loving messages in it, and placing mementos like rings and jewelry as the reef ball dries.

Over time fishes of all species and sizes come to live in the reefs. Families can watch their reef be planted in the ocean. After the process, families are given the exact coordinates of their loved one’s reef so that they can visit them in the future. Eternal Reefs have become quite popular and the company is expanding. The reefs are currently available in three states and cost anywhere from $3,000-8,000.

3. The Venderia – Selling Drunk People Junk

One Portland Woman, Taylor Valdes, started her concept called The Venderia on a whim. Instead of selling food like chips and candy out of her vending machines, she sells random items she tracks down around town.

A third of her products she finds at thrift stores, a third she buys wholesale, and the remaining third she curates by approaching local artists.

Last year, her vending machines brought her $80,000 in profit from just the 15 that she placed around Portland in bars and music venues. But Valdes doesn’t stop there. She also wants to give back to the community. One of her vending machines is placed outside and filled with goods that the homeless population in Portland may need like rain ponchos, socks, and tampons.

She runs the business all herself, from approaching business owners with her concept to cleaning and stocking the machines. She’s developed a strategy of placing her vending machines near the bathrooms where people typically stand in line.

Ready to Embark on Your Own Business Venture?

It’s clear from the business models in this article that if you have enough passion and a vision for your business, there’s a market that will support it. The ultimate key is believing in your goal and putting the work in daily to make it a reality.

If you’re ready to embark on your own business venture, contact us today for a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and help you discover an existing business that you can uniquely shape to make your dreams a reality.