3 Things To Know Before You Buy a Business

If you're looking to buy a business you'll find no shortage of listings. According to an insight report by, 7,842 businesses were sold in 2016 alone. However, purchasing a business can be a difficult decision, especially if you do it alone and without...

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3 Things To Consider When Selling A Business

Selling your business is a complicated move. Whether you're retiring or simply looking forward to the next adventure, selling your hard-earned success involves taking a lot of things into consideration. For example, you'll likely need a broker, an accountant, and an...

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Why Bob?

I will do what I say I will do. I personally answer my phone and return calls promptly. I’m a good listener, good at asking questions, and a straight talker. Maintaining confidentiality is the absolute top priority. I’m trustworthy, patient, and able to bring calm to...

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It Will Take Time and Effort to Sell Your Business

When you decide to sell your business, the first matter is gathering all the information needed for the broker. It is not smart to go to market without all the facts and documents available, organized and packaged for review by potential buyers. Doing so is being...

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Medical Rehab & Detox – Drug Testing Lab

Just received a second signed contact in the medical field, which now total $26.5 million.  These transactions are a Drug Rehab & Detox Center, and a Drug Testing Lab type of businesses.  In addition, a trading business is due to close in the next thirty days with...

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Why Should You Hire a Business Broker?

If you're considering selling your business, a business broker can help make the process simpler and more worry-free. They can help to ensure that your business will continue on after you've parted from it and that the employees that worked for you are taken care of....

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