Key Employees that are valuable to a buyer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, without a strong workforce and a vision for the future of your company, you’re not going to be able to sell it.

Buyers want to know that they are investing in a business that is supported by a network of dedicated professionals. They are looking for a company with employees that give it a competitive edge.

There are some members of your workforce in particular that will be highly valuable to a potential buyer. Let’s talk a look at the four kinds of key employees you should have to negotiate a top-dollar sale.

A Replacement CEO

If you’re currently running the show at your company, you should consider training a replacement CEO for once you leave the business. Buyers want to know that there will be someone in charge who is familiar with the existing processes.

This person should also be highly visionary and have many ideas for where they want to take the company. Following their lead should be a profitable undertaking for potential buyers.

Top Sales Producers

It’s not easy to find a high-quality salesperson and once you do, you should hold on to them tight. Your top sales producers are paramount to the sale of your business.

Buyers want to know that you have a team in place that knows the value of your products and how to demonstrate that value to a potential buyer. The more successful and stable your sales team, the more your business is worth.

Technological Innovators

Not everyone is keen on keeping up with the latest technology, but having a few members of your workforce that enjoy staying up to date is key to your long term success.

If you have an employee that is interested in learning more about the technology available to your business, encourage that interest. Send them to trade shows and seminars that give them an edge.

Your Competitive Edge

By continuing the training of your employees and making sure they have the best education, you create a competitive edge within your workforce.

If you have employees that would be valuable to your competitors should they choose to leave your business, let that be known to potential buyers. Access to a competitive workforce could be the asset a buyer needs to see in order to make a purchase.

For Help Selling Your Business

Demonstrating the value of your key employees to a potential buyer can help seal the deal. But, without a solid business broker to help negotiate terms, it’s easy for a deal to fall apart.

At Dolan Sales, we know how to represent all of the positive aspects of your business ensuring a smooth and profitable sale. Contact us for help today.