It is rare that a business owner will pass on the opportunity for a quick sale of $250 to do what is right.  I found that to be the case for the Wilton Manor owner of a Guardian generator sales and service company who did just that.

Early one morning, I went to charge my 15KW portable generator battery, as part of getting ready for hurricane season. Without noticing it, I had put the positive to negative and plugged in the battery charger before I noticed something was wrong. I had fried the battery for sure, so I replaced it, but nothing happened when I tried to start the engine. I figured I had also fried the starter.

To cut to the chase, I went to my local Genarac Generator dealer to order a new starter. He took all the information, including my credit card information, and then stopped to say something didn’t sound right. We talked again about what happened. I said I had checked the fuse, but come to find out there was another fuse behind the control panel that I had not seen. He went out in the shop to show me where it was located and said he would hold off on ordering the part until I checked it. I did, and that was the problem. He lost the sale and saved me $250. What a guy!

The company is www.kpb, located at 2117 N Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, FL. The owner who helped me is Leighton Brown. They handle all generating systems; sales and service; industrial and residential. Their telephone is 954-566-6898. You can trust this company to do what is in your best interest.