WP Transactions

Many times, the seller feels the job is almost done once they have found an interested, qualified buyer. In fact, that is just the first step. You have heard the term “the fog of war” before. Part of what it means is that in the heat of battle, you lose perspective and things are not as they seem. This often occurs when the emotional juices start to flow about the direction of the sales process. In this emotional state, a person’s mind feeds on itself and makes issues bigger than the facts dictate – and the process can go sideways or blow up. Other times, it is not seeing the value of the proposition.

An experienced, licensed broker/intermediary, as compared to a well-intentioned agent, can make the difference in closing the transaction or not. What you don’t want is a “yes” person as your advisor. You want another set of eyes and ears to see what is unspoken, not obvious to the eye, and to put things into perspective.

When things get heated and emotional, and they do at times, you want and need an experienced, trained voice in your ear, pointing out the facts, good or bad.

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