Had an inquiry from an Entrepreneur/Sales Person that had made significant money in the trading business, now owns businesses which are semi-passive, and is now looking for a new opportunity.   What is important to him is to have time, flexibility, and the ability to attend his son’s football games. 

His other businesses make him a very good income.  He is salesman at the core, loves making transactions work, and would not be dependent on the income of a new business.

The key for him is a business which he could leverage with his already established high level relationships, to help business owners which have discretionary business cash-flow in the $1M to $20M range. His mission would be to help them plan their exits to maximize value when they sell and make very good money in the process. He loves making transactions happen, it gets his juices going.

Now looking for one more mature Entrepreneur/Sales People, like this.  Please share; bobd@dolansales.com, cell 954-579-4687