Declining sales and profits are a BIG DEAL when it comes time to sell.  No matter how hard you try to explain it, the facts remain, which creates uncertainty.  This is also an issue for a buyer to get bank financing.  Most lenders won’t make loans to businesses with declining sales unless there is a good solid reason.

Sometimes, it is a subtle change in attitude to stop doing the things which helped you build the business in the first place that is the cause of the decline.  Total monthly sales each month and year-end sales tell the story.

If you choose not to exert the energy, or spend the money needed to reverse the trend of declining sales and profits, the smart thing to do is to sell the business before it gets worse.  You will not get as much of a sale price as if business were booming; however, many feel that a half of loaf is better that no loaf.

If you continue to grow the business, don’t stop doing what you are doing or let-up once you get into the sell your business mode.  It’s a good story to tell.

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