A lot of my clients pick up the phone and call me right away when they’re ready to sell their business. Many of them have worked with me in the past and know the swiftest way to a sale is through my Rolodex.

But, I also get a lot of first-time clients who have never sold a business before. They come in after putting their business on the market by owner and need help because their listing has gone stale. Often times, they have no idea where they went wrong.

When your business stays on the market for longer than you expected it to, it can be very disheartening.

But, when you work with a broker, we can course-correct to get your transaction back on track. We have all sorts of different tools at our disposal.

1. We Can Leverage Social Media

One of the best ways to refresh a stale listing is by getting it more exposure. Some brokers like to send out an email blast updating potential buyers on their wares.

Other brokers choose to share business listings on social media websites. By distributing your listing into people’s newsfeeds, you can reach all sorts of different potential buyers who could be interested in your business or know someone else who would be.

2. We Can Refresh Your Listing

The key to a great social media blitz is the right advertising. In order to attract buyers, you need to highlight the best features of your business. That means having a visually appealing listing.

You may also want to come up with a catchy headline for your business advertisements and write a great description that tells potential buyers the most important facts about your company and what makes it different from any other.

3. We Can Bring You More Qualified Potential Buyers

Networking is one of the most important roles of a business broker. We have to keep our systems up to date with active purchasers and sellers in order to close deals.

Business brokers have large databases of buyers who are prequalified. We can help you reach people who are willing and able to buy your business quickly.

4. We Can Upgrade Your Photos

Depending on what kind of business you run, you may want to have new photos taken. Many buyers like to see what your business is about in a visual way. It gives them more confidence in your listing.

For example, if you own a pizza parlor, including images of the inside and outside of your business can help them visualize themselves in the space selling mouthwatering pizzas.

5. We Can Discover Fluctuations in the Market

Sometimes your listing goes stale just because of fluctuations in the market. Business brokers know how to evaluate your business’ value and compare it to other companies being sold in the same area.

We’re also able to pull up data on the most recent listings so that you can keep tabs on your competition. This insider knowledge is invaluable.

Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by continuing to market your business yourself. Let us help you negotiate a deal that closes quickly. Contact us today for a consultation.