Working for yourself means giving up your sleep, prioritizing your schedule, and constantly striving to outdo yourself.

Without unshakeable determination and measurable goals along the way, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am today. All that I am capable of is thanks to my consistent routine.

I would love to share the secrets of my success with you so that you can get inspired to bring your own business to the next level – be that beginning to franchise, getting your business ready for sale, or purchasing a business to invest yourself in.

Getting Off to the Right Start

Every day my body wakes up on its own at 3:15 AM. It’s as if I have an internal clock that won’t allow me to miss a single viable hour of the day.

I shave right away and drink a tall glass of water to get my body going. Three times a week, I do sit-ups and push-ups to stay in shape. My body seems to age much more quickly than my mind.

To keep both in good working order, I indulge in a 40-minute walk every day, no matter what. My walk is the time I use to center myself and go over my goals for the day.

Defeating Negative Self-Talk

As I’m alone in the wee hours of the morning processing what the day might bring, often concerns begin to pile up in my mind. I wonder if I will be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done that day.

But, I know that I must defeat this negative self-talk. I begin to envision myself reaching my goal and start breaking down the process that’s going to get me there, step-by-step.

Staying Centered on Who I Am and What I Represent

After my daily walk, I write down my goals so that I can stay focused. I then reach for “Who is Bob Dolan?” an essay I wrote to myself to remind me of what I want to represent in the world.

I also take a look at my list of blessings which I often add to. Reminding myself of all that I have created and accomplished helps fuel my fire for future progress.

Communicating Effectively With My Customers

In order to be a successful business broker, I have to be in contact constantly with both buyers and sellers.

Every morning I send out non-disclosure agreements to interested buyers for businesses I am representing. Once those return, I send out very detailed packages that let potential buyers see exactly what they will be getting into if they make a purchase.

Preparing and packaging these listings takes a great deal of my time. It’s the most crucial step in the sale process. I know that the more specific I can be, the more stable my sale will be and the swifter it will come.

I also take time to write blog posts with updates about the latest happenings at Dolan Sales and to celebrate our milestones and achievements.

Making the Right Match

Much of what I do is playing the role of matchmaker between buyers and sellers. Over years of sales experience, I have developed a very successful system.

I spend a lot of my time bringing buyers and sellers together by networking online, setting up conference calls, attending personal meetings, and following up with a lot of emails.

I know that consistently communicating with my clients is what makes me stand out from the pack. By having a reliable schedule, I can be accountable at all times.

Now that you know my routine, I challenge you to start your own. Where will you go with consistent drive and determination and what can I do to help you get there?