Here is what it takes:

  1. Clean owner benefit over $2 million dollars a year. Tax Returns can be tied to Financial Statements.
  2. Repeating customers, ideally under a contract.
  3. Accounting records which can be shown month by month and exported to MS Excel.
  4. Middle management.
  5. A seller willing to transition over a six-months to a year or longer.
  6. No customer concentration over 10% of total sales.
  7. Consistent sales and profits for three or more year, no one year burst, particularly in the most recent year.  Consistent growth is good with a upside.
  8. No large inventories.
  9. No track record of substantial amounts of accounts receivables over sixty days.
  10. Ideally in a niche market.
  11. A business facility with three to five years left on the lease, with additional options would be better.  Owning the real estate which must be sold with the business can be good or bad, it just depends.  Many times, it is better if the purchase of real estate is not required.
  12. The business is for sale a real reason, ideally the seller of an age for retirement that makes sense.