Time to Reveiw re-sizedIt’s a given that you want to work with a high-quality, knowledgeable business broker. But how do you know which business broker is the perfect balance of personable, professional and knowledgeable? Take a look at what characteristics to watch out for when selecting a top-quality business broker:

Professional Qualities

  • Knows and gathers pertinent information
  • Recasts financials
  • Has valuation knowledge
  • Understands goodwill value
  • Has market knowledge and understanding of South Florida businesses for sale
  • Possesses multi-pronged marketing strategies
  • Has understanding of various financing options, contacts with appropriate specialists
  • Is affiliated with other competent professionals in the South Florida Business Brokerage community
  • Has a database of prospects
  • Maximizes the value of the company
  • Provides an overview of tax consequences to the parties, relationships with professional experts
  • Coordinates and facilitates sell-side and buy-side activities and associated specialists and advisors:

                          CPA’s, Accountants
                          Tax Attorney(s)
                          Transaction Attorney(s)
                          Insurance Carries, Agents
                          Escrow processes, Officers

Personal Qualities

  • Maintains confidentiality as a broker
  • Clarifies what is being sold
  • Possesses negotiating skills and understanding of the emotional issues of the parties
  • Acts as the buffer between parties, thereby allowing seller time to make reasonable decisions
  • Has the ability to better control the issues
  • Permits the seller to continue focusing on running their business while in the process of making a sale
  • Is not emotionally tied to the business, maintains objectivity in process and transaction

A top-notch South Florida business broker has a wide set of abilities and resources, as well as a deep understanding of business and sales knowledge. When choosing a business broker, make your decisions based on experience, expertise, and personal qualities to ensure a smooth transaction.