Chance-OpportunityStatically, the average time range is eight to 10 months. Some of the factors that can reduce or increase this time frame are:

  • When most business buyers filter opportunities they are considering, the factors they weigh are typically the geographic location, type of business, cash flow of the business, and price ratio relative to the cash flow.
  • A business with a particular niche, proprietary process, or uniqueness will draw attention and increase activity, with more potential buyers considering the opportunity.
  • A business with a cash flow of more than $250,000 tends to attract more potential qualified buyers.
  • Once potential buyers have gotten past these factors, they typically would look more closely at the description of the business, and then determine if it is a fit for them.
  • Being in a major metropolitan market will add to the potential buyer pool, which can help speed the process of the sale.
  • The higher the cash flow of the business, price of the business, quality of the financial records, and upward sales trend, the faster the speed at which the business can be sold.
  • Having a transaction that includes real estate can be good and bad. The good is that having the real estate allows for additional more favorable options when it comes to financing the business. The dark side is it will most likely require the buyer to invest more cash, which could otherwise be used to buy a business with more cash flow.
  • Having a Broker/Intermediary who is responsive to prospective buyers, and has all needed factual information available in a secure virtual data room, allows for the sales process to move forward quickly and reduces the chance of a potential buyer losing interest.
  • Having a Broker/Intermediary who takes control of getting a potential buyer long-term financing by using a proven national SBA loan broker always get the desired results and allows for transactions to be closed as quickly as possible.

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