Problem-Solution reSized

Do you want to sell your SW Florida business or SW Florida franchise confidentially? Dolan Sales, Inc. is located in South Florida and serves customers nationwide. Bob Dolan, the broker of record for this South Florida business brokerage and intermediary company, has been helping business owners sell their businesses for over 40 years. Key services provided include:

  • Establishing the current market price range for the business.
  • Helping develop a plan to prepare a business to go to market at some point in the future, which will help increase the value of the business at that time.
  • Professionally package the business to highlight its attributes, and to have all needed information in an organized manner, in a secure virtual data room, to enable fast access for qualified buyers that have signed a non-disclosure agreement.
  • A proven sales process that includes an in-house database of qualified buyers.
  • Understanding and specializing in manufacturing, service, healthcare-related, medical device, SaaS and franchised business and companies.
  • Assistance with securing long-term financing so the seller get all cash at closing.
  • Access to third-party professionals for assistance with tax-structured sales that are specially designed to follow to the Internal Revenue Code, which will permit a seller to reduce or defer recognition of gains on the sale of a business to the tax year in which the related sales proceeds are received.

If you would like a confidential, no-obligation analysis and discussion of what you can be doing now to prepare for when you will put your business on the market, please call (888-893-6661) or e-mail ( me. To learn more about my background, visit my LinkedIn profile at I serve customers nationwide.

I look forward to helping you prepare to sell your business at a price that works for you.