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One of the better times to sell your business is when there is a sellers’ market. Right now today, there is pent-up demand among baby-boomer sellers who are ready to retire. For various reasons, including recovering from the recent financial meltdown, only a limited number of the baby-boomers have decided to sell their businesses, so the inventory is limited, creating the current seller’s market. Once the mass of the baby-boomers decide to sell their businesses, inventory will increase, and with it will come downward pressure on prices and the length of time required to sell.

Almost everything you read is indicating that 2014 should be a good year for business growth, and credit remains available at reasonable rates. These factors create a favorable situation for sellers.

How your business is priced when you are ready to sell, the professionalism of the package and how it is marketed will make a difference in getting the best price possible. These factors also will assure the ability of a potential buyer getting long-term bank financing, so you get all cash at closing. How the transaction is structured can save you substantially in the amount of federal taxes you pay on the proceeds from the sale of your business.

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