Despite popular belief, there is plenty of money available to finance South Florida business acquisitions. What is important to know, is which lenders are lending, what are the factors they consider, and how the loan proposal should be presented.

Using an experienced South Florida business broker and SBA loan broker will help frustration and get the business acquisition funded in a timely manner. It is common for lenders to give assurances of their ability to fund a transaction, and then 60 days later say they are sorry. This is mainly due to inexperienced lender representatives.

Dolan Sales Provides the Expertise You Seek

At Dolan Sales, Inc. we know what is required to qualify the buyer and seller and how to secure an SBA Guaranteed Loan using a third party. Once pre-qualified, Dolan Sales refers the buyer to an SBA loan broker that provides results on a timely basis. Dolan Sales has worked with this particular SBA loan broker for over 15 years. This process is enabled with frank, straight to the point conversation.

Business Sales Success

South Florida business broker Bob Dolan has used such help to secure financing for a $1.3 million dollar transaction in Detroit, at the height of the recent financial meltdown. This was the time GM and Chrysler were going into bankruptcy, as it was being reported that the financial system had seized up.

This is just one example of the type of professionals supporting the Dolan Sales process of successful SBA Guaranteed Funding of business acquisitions.