The one question South Florida business owners consistently raise is the question of how long will it take to close the transaction from the time their business is listed.

As a leading Intermediary and Lower-Mid Market South Florida business broker, we would explain that the average time from the point of listing the business, to the funding, and closing the transaction is eight to nine months.  With that said, we have had transactions close in as short of time as ninety days.

The Process of Selling Your South Florida Business

Before we accept your listing, we work closely with you to establish a reasonable asking price range for the business knowing what is required to get a qualified buyer financed with a SBA guaranteed loan.  To avoid wasting time, we use a business sale system which determines early in the sales process if a potential buyer is qualified for a SBA loan.

Before the letter of Intent is presented to you, the seller, we already know if we can get the buyer financed using a third party loan packer/broker source which South Florida business broker, Bob Dolan, has used for over fifteen years.

Once a Letter of Intent is signed by both parties, it will typically take ninety days from that point to funding to close the business sale.  During this time Dolan will coordinate getting the due diligence completed, assisting with getting a definitive purchase agreement prepared by the buyer’s attorney, and helping the buyer accomplish whatever is necessary to quickly get the business loan ready for funding. In almost all transactions this phase of the business sales process between getting the Letter of Intent signed and funding is the most critical time.  Dolan works with a select, limited, number of sellers to enable the time availability and focus required during this critical phase.

Dolan Sales – Experienced and Focused on the Details

South Florida business broker Bob Dolan knows that finding qualified buyers for selected businesses, getting the business properly priced, and packaging it for sale is the easy part of the sales process. The devil is in the details, which Dolan has mastered for over forty years. Getting results, attention to detail, and maintaining confidentiality are the priorities.