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What will a flood of businesses for sale mean to you? In a supply-and-demand market, the most obvious consequence of a flood of businesses being put on the market is to hold down prices and longer time to sell. If you are a buyer, this is good, but if you are a seller, not so good. The more quality, profitable businesses that are on the market, the more choices buyers will have, making the market more competitive.

Right now, interest rates are at low, funding is available, and the general mood is reasonable optimism. If your sales and cash flow are steady to growing, it may be smart to go to market as quickly as you can to get in front of the coming onslaught of baby-boomers looking to retire and sell their businesses.

There is a good demand from buyers looking for light manufacturing businesses that provide services, for businesses that are distribution in nature, and for food processing/products and franchises, particularly with seller discretionary cash flow (SDCF) of over $250,000. There is a very high demand for businesses with over $600K in SDCF.

As we approach the year-end, this is the time to start planning and preparing to sell. You can take steps now that can significantly increase the value of your business, including considering how to structure the sale to minimize taxes and maximize the amount of cash you walk away with.

If you would like a confidential, no-obligation analysis and discussion of what you can be doing now to prepare for when you are ready to put your business on the market, please call me (888-893-6661) or e-mail (bobd@dolansales.com). I serve customers nationwide. To learn more about my background and see customer recommendations, visit my LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/dolansales

I look forward to helping you prepare to sell your business at a price that works for you and a qualified buyer.