I recently read that over 150,000 internet users woke up to find their Gmail inboxes, contacts and chat conversations gone. The issue according to Google was caused by a storage software update that introduced an unexpected bug. Unfortunately, these mishaps are not uncommon. Not having a back-up could also be an issue if you accidently delete an email or a group of emails.

Preventative Measures with Your Email

In case a similar event occurs, you want to make sure your email is being stored in another location. For $3 a month, Gmail will automatically back up all of your emails. This is critical for those that need to maintain emails for legal reasons or business purposes. If worst comes to worst, you can recover lost emails with a simple click.

This small effort can prevent huge losses. Backing up your Gmail is a preventative measure that could literally save your business. I recommend Backupify for backing up your Gmail successfully.